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Wooden Camera & Anton Bauer

26V Battery Series Product Launch


Wooden Camera and Anton Bauer, the world’s leader in cinema battery technologies, collaborated on a product launch for a new battery system, the 26V battery series. While this product was for a very niche market of cinema rental houses, and owners/ operators of specific cameras this partnership was deserving of a full campaign. The 26V batteries and battery plates provided high power and versatility for power on set. This campaign included various social pushes, emails, and a dedicated landing page. The specific target audience were people who are more knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to cameras and camera accessories. We designed the campaign accordingly, making designs that called out more specific and technical features that we knew the target audience would understand.




Social Media Design

Email Marketing

Web Design

Social Media Graphics

The goal of the below social media graphics were to highlight in-depth technical features of the products. Within the camera accessory industry customers want to know how new products could improve their current workflow or setup, so the graphics were meant to put more emphasis on those key features. 

Group 1704.png

Product Mockups

Under an already tight deadline, we had to shift our typical approach since the final product wouldn’t be finalized in time to receive proper photography assets. To complete required materials I created a full side profile mock up of the product to use for product instructions. A positive of using the mock ups was that it allowed us to create a fully editable LED screen on the product to highlight the menu functionality. Shown is the base line drawing and the fully colored mock up.  


Website Landing Page

From wire-framing to coding I created a custom webpage detailing the products launched in this campaign. These below limited previews show the mobile and desktop view of the landing page. With so much information to present it was broken info into a few graphical elements to highlight the most important points. The shop button shown was added so customers could directly be taken to the buyable products rather than having to go through all the information.

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Credit - Product Photos and Renders: Alexander Krause (Vitec Production Solutions)

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