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Configuration App Icons


I was presented the challenge to create a universal app icon that can be used multiple times for configuration style apps. These configuration apps are built for a variety of Teradek products, and provide users direct control over their device, give the ability to remotely manage their product, and provide more in-depth settings. The goal of the design was to have a standardized look, so users will be able to distinguish these apps from others and be able to pick them out immediately as the configuration app for the particular product(s) they own. As part of the design, five color options were created using the brand colors. The colors provide the ability to create colored categories for certain type of Teradek products to fall into. The design is shown below in all 5 colors and how it reacts to downsizing. 





Graphic Design

App Design

Group 657-2.png
Group 640-2.png
Group 682.png
Group 639-2.png
Group 681-5.png
Group 654.png
Group 653.png
Group 652.png

Credit - iOS Apple Design Resources: Apple Inc.

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