Wailin' IPA


Graphic Design & Marketing Assistant 


Serving as the Graphic Design & Marketing Assistant for the Savannah Music Festival I was able to design the festival beer for the 2019 festival season. Wailin' is the 5th beer made from a partnership between Southbound Brewing and the Savannah Music Festival. I created this original design influenced by a love for music and beer. The main design element features a guitar neck with a hop as the guitar head. The background features an illustrated map of Savannah, GA with the can's metal shining through. This beer was not only a delicious beverage to enjoy with some live music it was a promotional element for the music festival. 

Beer Can:

The can design combines music and beer while using the downtown map of Savannah, GA as the background. The can's metal shines through the map giving it a unique look. 


Bomber Bottle:

This limited release 22 oz bomber featured its own label design using a skyline of Savannah, GA.