Savannah Music Festival


Graphic Design & Marketing Assistant


Savannah Music Festival is an annual 17-day springtime festival and Georgia’s largest musical arts event, featuring up to 100 productions. Serving as the graphic design & marketing assistant I created and designed print and online materials, signage, video promotions and multi-page booklets to support marketing, education programs and other festival needs. I developed original design solutions to satisfy marketing objectives while maintaining branding consistency across various platforms. 

Venue Signage:

These large printed signage pieces were used outside venues to promote the shows at that specific venue. 

Digital Advertisements/ Billboards:

These short clips were shown on digital screens at the Savannah International Airport and the billboards below are selections of the billboards placed around Savannah, GA and South Carolina. 

Festival Posters:

These printed posters were used at the start of the festival to promote the range of musical genres presented as well as upcoming shows.