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Savannah Music Featival

Musical Explorers


Musical Explorers is an educational program from the Savannah Music Festival (SMF), developed in partnership with Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute, that connects elementary students with various music communities. Each year SMF publishes a new teacher curriculum that focus on artists that represent different cultures or backgrounds that are often from the students' own community. At the end of the semester students will have a chance to 'meet' the very artists they learned about through a live concert. Featured here is some of my design work for this educational program, including the multi-page teacher curriculum book, various printed materials, and other assets. 




Multi-Page Design

Graphic Design

Print Design


Teacher Curriculum Guide

I had the opportunity to coordinate and design the 115 page booklet for the 2018–2019 musical explorers curriculum. The booklet was divided into six different units for each of the six musical artists that were covered. The booklet was spiral bound and printed for each teacher participating in the educational program. Beyond creating the printed guide booklet, I also created a matching web version, that's found HERE, for the teachers to view the same booklet within a browser, easily print activity sheets, and access any additional resources. Featured here are select excerpts from the printed guide.  

ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0032_Layer 2.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0033_Layer 1.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0000_Layer 34.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0001_Layer 33.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0004_Layer 30.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0005_Layer 29.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0010_Layer 24.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0011_Layer 23.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0014_Layer 20.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0015_Layer 19.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0020_Layer 14.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0021_Layer 13.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0022_Layer 12.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0023_Layer 11.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0026_Layer 8.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0027_Layer 7.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0030_Layer 4.jpg
ME_TeacherGuide_21August2018-2_0031_Layer 3.jpg
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