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Packaged Resume


With a challenge to create a packaged version of my resume, I pulled inspiration from my childhood. Due to being in a military family, I lived in six states across the U.S. before graduating high school. I created 100% vector illustrations of four of the homes I lived in, using only what I remember and a few 4”x6” photos. Each illustration ’houses’ part of my resume on the back, such as my experience, skills, or contact information. I then put them all together into a small moving box that included a map which matched them to their actual US city and state. The goal of this project was to create a unique resume that could be presented to a potential employer.




Resume Design

Graphic Design

Packaging Design

Vector Illustrations

Using only what I remember and a few 4”x6” photos I created 100% vector illustrations of the 4 homes, shown below. These illustrations were later printed to become physical pieces of my packaged resume.

IMG_4750 1.jpg
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