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Creative Solutions

Season of Thanks Campaign


Season of Thanks campaign was the Black Friday sale for Creative Solutions, which includes three brands, Teradek, Wooden Camera, and SmallHD. The goal was to create a campaign for all Creative Solutions brands that shared the same creative theme and overall design, but the assets would be Identifiable to the brand it belonged to. I created the creative direction and theme for the campaign, leading other designers and setting the tone of our work. created assets consisted of email marketing, paid/ organic social, digital advertisements, and more. 




Art Direction

Graphic Design

Email Marketing

Credit - 

Art Direction: Zachary grove

Graphic Design: Zachary grove, Joushua McCray & Sam Jones

Animation: Sam Jones

Copywriting: Eileen Papa, Christian Mason, Jocelyn Keen & Kat Chen


The direction was mainly inspired by the bauhaus style by using a combination of geometric patterns, shapes to create a theme while remaining relatively simple. The three banners here encompass the basic design direction of this campaign. Each brand involved with this campaign had it's own specific style using their brand colors, logos, and a basic shape. For instance Wooden Camera's designs revolved around squares and Teradek's designs used triangles. Each brand had over 20 square designs with endless configurations. The designs and some guidelines were presented to fellow designers to guide them on their respective projects for the campaign. 

Group 412.png
Group 411.png
Group 410.png

Social Media Assets 

Featured here are feed animated videos and Instagram story graphics created under my creative direction. 

Website Home Page Banners

The websites for the duration of the campaign ran these specialized home page banners, meant to drive organic website traffic to the ongoing sale. Focusing the copy on the key selling point of each brand's promotion.

Teradek - Home Banner-Graphic-B.png
Wooden - Home Banner-Graphic - Desktop.png

Email Marketing

Below are a selection of the emails that each brand sent leading up to and during the campaign.

Wooden Camera - Email 3B_edited.png
SmallHD - Email 2B_edited.png
Group 1716.png
Group 1715.png
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