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Teradek Bolt 6 Series Product Launch Campaign

Art Direction
UX Design
Graphic Design

Teradek's Bolt 6 series introduces the first 6GHz camera video transmission solution designed for film sets, broadcasters, and video production environments. These products reduce signal congestion using the new 6GHz band, offering an interference-free signal in an industry dominated by the 5GHz band. I led the art direction and with the team designed the assets shown.

Frame 38-3.webp
Group 1934.png


My goal was to communicate the solution and to tell a story through the work. Utilizing a relatable analogy, I imagined a gridlocked highway where 'devices' compete for space in lower frequencies. In contrast, the 6GHz frequency provides an open road, free of traffic, allowing for seamless communication.

Group 1928.webp


I brought the concept to life with an airwaves illustration, visually narrating the move to 6GHz. This represents the technological leap and symbolizes the transition from a 'poor' (orange) to a 'good' signal (blue), capturing the Bolt 6 series' evolution from interference to clarity.

Frame 1768-01.webp
Frame 1755-2.webp



Frame 1768.webp
Group 1934-0.webp


Frame 1768-0.webp
Frame 1769.webp

Art Direction: Zachary Grove

Photography: Brandon Woodard

Graphic Design: Zachary Grove, Joushua McCray & Krista Darensbourg

Animation: Sam Jones

Copywriting: Adrienne Pham & Ward Swan

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