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Bolt 6 Launch Campaign


Teradek recently launched the new Bolt 6 line, a collection of products that send and receive camera video over the 6GHz band. Meant for use on film sets, by broadcasters, or in any type of video based production setting. Typically, devices send signal over the 5GHz band, but the Bolt 6 unlocks 6GHz, which has less devices competing for bandwidth. 

I led the creative development of the launch campaign, and was tasked with how to visually sell the new and powerful signal that the Bolt 6 operates on.




Art Direction

Graphic Design


Credit - 

Art Direction: Zachary Grove

Photography: Brandon Woodard

Graphic Design: Zachary Grove, Joushua McCray & Krista Darensbourg

Animation: Sam Jones

Copywriting: Adrienne Pham & Ward Swan


Design Guidelines / Art Direction

bolt 6- color.png

The Airwaves Illustration

Bolt 6 uses a 6GHz connection to avoid noise and interference from other devices. Imagine a gridlocked highway where the majority devices are competing for space in a lower frequency, and 6GHz allows you to operate on a higher frequency where there's little to no traffic. To show this visually I created the airwaves illustration, showing the upward movement to 6GHz.

Vector (Stroke)-gray.png
Vector (Stroke)-color.png

The Gradient

To establish the movement to a clear signal I introduced the gradient. From our brand style guide, I used the orange to represent the 'poor' signal and the blue to represent the 'good' signal from the Bolt 6. The blue is used as a solid fill on the product name to reinforce the idea that Bolt 6 is above interference with a clear signal. 

Text Styling

The text used the Teradek brand font and weights. To add emphasis where it's needed the 6 in "Bolt 6" was changed to white and the gradient color fill was used as a secondary style. With the design guidelines for using the gradient, the 6 when mentioned with "GHz" had to be blue no matter the gradient direction. 

Group 1914.png

Other Textural Elements

Designed in illustrator for fellow designers to apply to their assets. 

Group 1836.png
Frame 415.png


Representing the Key Selling Points (KSPs) of Bolt 6

Simulating the Gradient

For the icons we evenly color sampled the gradient to simulate the color change. 

Group 1913.png


Bolt 6 - Email 1A-0.png


3x Social Story Sets


Website Banners

Desktop & Mobile

Bolt 6 - Home Banner_b.png
Bolt 6 - Home Banner_A.png
Bolt 6 - Mobile Banner_vb.png
Bolt 6 - Mobile Banner_v1.png

Landing Pages

Desktop Preview of 1 of the 4 Pages Created

Frame 1742.png
Frame 1743.png

View The Live Pages

Printed Poster



Delivered a Full Campaign in Time for the Scheduled Launch 

Created Original Theme 

Outlined direction will help with the creation of post-launch assets.

4x Landing Pages Designed & Coded

Optimized pages to push conversions. 

Coordinated Launch

Timed launch of posts, videos, and banners across website and various channels.

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