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Art Direction
Email Marketing
Graphic Design
UX Design

INOVATIV designs and manufactures premium mobile workstations with the goal to improve workflow efficiency. From workstation carts to accessory mounting solutions, their products are primarily known for their connection to film sets and photography studios. They’ve expanded to be embraced by broadcasters, military personnel, educators, and corporations. INOVATIV stands as the gold standard in both user satisfaction and industry acclaim for mobile workstations.
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I led the overhaul of INOVATIV’s brand identity, only carrying over the original brand values and the signature orange color. The goal was to match the brand’s identity to the bold and premium quality of the products. It began by establishing consistency across all touch points with a clear and all-encompassing style guide. This included decisions such as additional brand colors, photography direction, and type spacing. The work now consistently expresses the brand’s values and showcases its connection to the modern industries where you’ll find INOVATIV’s products.
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Copywriting: Mariah Martinez & Raymond Ruiz

Photos: Albrecht Voss, Tyson Leith, Chris Grubisa, Graham Sheldon, & Koon W. Ya-inta

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